Jumpin' Jackass!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Life so far...... 2

It's been weeks since my escapade. All's good. The pieces are coming to order... in a way. College gets interesting as ever. You can call college my life. I don't know why some people just think col's just an ass!

In the past:- Our public speaking presentation is great! A buncha fun!
- Had a study discussion with my friend Khalid for Chem.
- Helped my friend, Tasha for her BabaNyonya presentation
- Got screwed by Keith for something i didn't intend to.
But it's ok
- Been helping Lyana a lot on Halloween week
- Working on my Personal Classics compilation
- Have a new crush!

Future:- Chemistry exams tommorow
- PS n Effective Listening presentation
- Halloween night
- Comic Fiesta
- Going home to my TOMYAM!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Monday,31 October, 12am- I was busy drawing in my room. My mom comes in asking me a few questions. Then, she asked me what was wrong. I was pretty moody because the "Black Sheep" came to help around. But whenever i draw, i just hate it when i'm disturbed. So i told that to her. She starts blowing her top. Argued for a long time. Then she decided that I should get out. So I did. I walked out!.... without my phone and wallet.... nuts!

So I walked all the way from my place to my aunt's. It took me like 3 1/2 hours. But at least i was able to look at the skies... withou my specs. NutS! AS soon as i reached there, i slept there then went to my granny's at 6am. Slept again until 12. Chatted with my granny and lay down again. Guess that's watcha do when your down.

3pm-when with my uncle who would later send me home. He told me bout the things that i should do and concentrate on. My future! SO that's what i'm gonna do. Be the JACKASS I always am!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Black Sheep

Black sheeps are people who are different from the others... but for the wrong reasons. Till it brings you down to nowhere. A down-trodden life. My family had one. I got to meet 'the black sheep' for the 1st time on Sunday. Funny sometimes how feelings can be divided. I was ok with it cos.. Heck! he's family. But in the same time i wasn't cos of all the stories I heard from my mom.But I was willing to give in cos he is family.

There was a lot of emotions there. That's for sure. Especially from my family members. From my granny, mom, and my aunts. But one thing i couldn't stand was being introduced 5 TIMES!!!! Oh well. family...

By the end of the day, he was overwhelmed. I could see that coming from him. I was stillhaving mixed feelings but again he's family. So i might as well acceptt him for that.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


From the title above, you probably guessed what my dilemma was. You know, it's not the exams that i was worried bout. It's the KNOWLEDGE that i had LEFT. Honestly i never read my InterComm and Chem notes! So this is the 2nd time i'm feeling dead since STP.... But all is done. I can relax for the next 4 days until next week begins. A new week. A new man. A new Adventure. A new HOPE! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRYEAH!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Saving Me...........

This post is probably a thought I had bout the people around me. And title-wise, from Nickelback's heartfelt song.

So, as human beings, we need to be saved. And times we need to save someone. But that happens once in a blue moon. But the big Q is WHO? Sometimes you want that person who you feel very close to, be it a crush or a close friend, to save you. Be there where ever or what ever. Even if it means being yourself which some won't approve or it's not acceptable.

But sometimes we fail to realise that the real people who wanna save us is just around the corner. And sometimes, unintentionaly you hurt them. And those you wanna save you just ain't there. It just clashes you in the inside. Next thing you know, you're saving from yourself.

Another thing bout saving, one good e.g. would be from the AniMatrix. There's a short anime bout a boy named Kid, who feels the world he's living in(the MAtrix) is not real. Then, when the Agents come to capture him in school. Neo warned him. He runs and skateboards for his life.(Animation was rough) Then, he races to the roof and the Agent were there before him. Next thing Kid jumps off from there and sets him plunging down to death. After his death in the Matrix, Kid wakes up meeting Neo in the real, sentinel-infested world.
Kid:Neo... you saved me....
Neo: No, I didn't. You saved yourself.
How Kid survived was a mystery(wachoski style) But it kinda showed something. At times, we need to save ourselves. We know ourselves well. So i guess what we can do is Look at ourselves and find out the pros and cons bout ourselves. That's how we save ourselves. we'll there's the RUN-N-HIDE method if you're in real danger in Bkt Bintang or something.

Bottomline: We all need to be saved. Look within youself to see if you can save yourself. If not, ther'll always be someone to save you.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Rating Friends

Funny thing to do isn't it? Rating your own friends.... Well it was an part of out assignz just now. And I really had a tuff time doin it. For 1, I don't really judge my friends. I don't like to do that. Cos....when you judge someone then you realise they're someone else from what you thought it was, I would feel ashamed or upset. So we had to list out 25 most significant people in our life. After listing down, i realised there were more than 25. But Mr. Steven was nice enuf to let list up to 30. So yah a hard day for a jackass! But he's still jumping! OOOOOOOOOOORRRYEAH! Now to get down to my other assignz!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Life so far.............

Every thing's ok so far. had a slight confusion on which col 2 go. but i'm staying in SEGi(even though i'm not dat happy bout it) Mr. Steven Baptist Of Public speaking n Effective listening's class the BOMB! i really enjoy his class. Oh n being 2 class means being da Jumpin' Jackass i was back in skool days. hope i don get a bad rep cos of dat. the Jackass may be who i am. there r those who(safe 2 say)can put up with me or accept me. there r those i guess who just can't. especially 1who u feel very close 2... Smtimes it's hard being urslf.... sigh.... well it's just the begining. i hvnt annoyed them 2 da Max yet. don intend 2 but my action speaks louder than my intends. My words r as loud as my action already! hope it goes well later in the not-so-distance future! The JAckAss is Outta here!